Timothy Barlow has been inspirational as my perspective coach.
He is knowledgeable and insightful when identifying a problem and as a result, has consistently guided me in the right direction to resolve the issue at hand.
My struggles were rooted in a weakness to face my fears in life, which prevented me from becoming the person I had always wanted to be.
I am grateful to Timo for challenging me to explore that unknown side of myself and embrace it.
As a result, I have become more aware of the courage, love, and trust I have within me so I can move forward in life with greater confidence.
Thank you Timo.

— Tiziana Fiacco

Your kindness and dedication has been on my mind ever since our last visit. I really appreciate your going the extra mile with me!

After having seen so many professionals of varying qualifications and styles, I have to say I haven’t experienced such a caring, trustworthy confidante ever. I really feel as though I had an important breakthrough — already my parenting style is more relaxed, and things just look different, including my view of the future.

Our work together continues to motivate me to improve myself, so that my loved ones can benefit… making this endeavour with you is the best investment I have ever made in any kind of education!”

— Anna B.

Ever the skeptic, Timo was not what I expected when I signed up to work with a “Life Coach”.

It quickly became apparent to me though, that he has a way of cutting through the BS with diamond like precision to get to the heart of the matter and as a result has helped me out of tight spots on a number of occasions.

When I get stuck, Timo is my first call and I always feel better after we’ve looked at what’s going on.

— Jason Schwartz

Timo’s passion, dedication and commitment to my personal desires and authentic happiness is unyielding. Timo stops at nothing to get to the root of any struggle and then acts like a comforting guide to help you through it.

The precious gifts of discovery he has given to me are so incredible and life-changing that my gratitude is too much to put into words.

Timo, you will always be my coach, my friend and my guiding light.


— Sunshine

Timothy Barlow has a gift of drilling down to the core of a personal dilemma in a manner that is direct and also gentle. I have used Timo’s coaching services to help “clear my head” with respect to both personal and business issues that I was struggling with.

He was able, within a very short period of time, to ask the right questions, listen to my answers, and, suddenly it all became clear. I think many of us have obstacles in our daily lives that we do not know how to deal with, and Timo’s ability to probe down to the truth at the root of the problem is unique.

Timo has helped me several times to get clarity on what was the truth of the situation, and that clarity was enormously freeing – thank you Timo.

— Geoff Kidder

Timo’s engaging and laid-back manner is coupled with an incisive mind that penetrates directly to the heart of any situation.

Timo compassionately “held my feet to the fire”, leading me to discover the barriers I was putting up against getting the results I wanted.

Timo helped me to see the events of my life as not something to be surmounted, but as opportunities to explore who I truly am and deepen my self – awareness.

Thank you Timo!

— Anne Milligan

Timo has helped change my life drastically. Coming from what I thought was a “broken home”, I had many fears about my future. Those fears spilled out into my relationships with family, friends, co-workers and men. I felt as if my life was at a stand still and I couldn’t move forward.

My sessions with Timo were always full of good energy. After seeing a psychiatrist that did absolutely nothing but look at her watch every 15 minutes, my experience with Timo was different. He gave me his undivided attention and was very consistent with his coaching. I felt heard and understood.

I now believe that we all have the ability to change our own lives. Timo helps guide us in that direction and shows us that we are ALL capable! Awareness in life is crucial and I now believe that there is no such thing as “coincidence” and that those little things that happen, like thinking about someone just as they call, is the universes’ way of showing us that we are being heard and that we are actually creating our destiny thought by thought.

The idea that we can have whatever we want in life is humbling. I can say that everything I have ever dreamed of is unfolding right before my eyes. Thank you Timothy for being the person that you are. You are truly inspiring 🙂


— Elisa Minniti

I knew after the first coaching session with Timo that I met someone special, someone with an important gift to share with the world.

I spent my life sweeping difficulties under the rug because avoiding them seemed easier.  I thought being a good person and pleasing others was a good way to live my life, but then depression and anxiety set in.

For over 20 years I tried to overcome that by being strong or looking at the bright side, but it did not matter how hard I tried, the depression and anxiety kept getting worse. My energy level was depleting half way through my day and the only time I felt some peace was when I was sleeping or napping. My husband and kids loved me deeply but were very frustrated with my inability to do my daily tasks to completion and there was a lot of conflict in our home as a result.

Timo has a rare gift to help you figure out what’s really going on with YOU and it’s not advice. My sessions with him were very different than with other coaches I had worked with. Timo’s coaching is not a band-aid solution or a quick fix to make your life better. He has the ability to show you how to discover who you are truly meant to be, and how to create peace in your life every day, which for me was life changing.

The people I love are responding differently to me now and my relationships get better everyday. I am working as an entrepreneur and loving what I do, and my business is thriving.   I cannot remember a time in life when I felt this way about everything in my life.  I am excited for me!

Thank you Timo, I am forever grateful. There are no words in the dictionary to adequately describe you and your gift 🙂

Dorothy M


— Dorothy M

Timo has become a true confidante, a truly compassionate ear, and a real friend. He has an incredible capacity for insight into what the underlying reality of a situation might be. His simple but often probing questions invariably cause my Truths to rise to the surface, and he has really enabled me to find the path through these Truths, in the way that is best for me.

I have been an explorer of self-realization for several years, but with Timo’s gentle guidance I have been putting into action many of the practices that have been only theory for such a long time.

With Timo’s help I have made many positive (and significant!) changes in my life; my perspective on existence and my relationship to my reality has shifted in so many ways. I am learning more and more to live in a state of love and gratitude, and in the process dissolving old, learned patterns of self-destruction. Timo has helped me craft a way of being in which my positive actions and thoughts are creating momentum toward a state of joy.

Thank you, Brother Timo – I will always be grateful for your loving compassion, patience and non-judgemental nature! I look forward to many more years of growing together, dear friend!

— Sundar Viswanathan

Every time I try to think about what to write when it comes to Timo, I get stuck for the words to describe how he has made a difference in my life. His time and ability to both listen to and thought provokingly challenge me are amazing.

He has awakened a spiritual, universal, self awareness in me that has changed my perception on life, love and relationships for the better. I’m not done yet, but thanks to Timo, I’m off to a great start.

Thanks Timo.

— Amanda Narine

Having Timo as my life coach was an eye-opening experience. I learned so much about human nature and how to change behaviours and thought patterns that weren’t working for me.

I got homework reading books and watching inspirational movies that added to my learning even outside the life-coaching sessions.

Timo is very perceptive and insightful so we were able to get into working on my issues very quickly. He’s a great life coach and I’m so happy I found him!

— Julie Eisen

It’s hard to paraphrase the knowledge I have taken away from my sessions with Timo. Sincere gratitude and tremendous thanks go out to Timo for assisting me in understanding why I have made certain decisions throughout my life as well as the decisions I have not made.

If you want to change your life, there is no better place to start than a session with Timo.

— Ed Darlington

It was an incredible experience to work with Timo. He has the ability to listen to my stories with complete empathy and focus, and then, with a few simple questions or non-judgmental comments, makes me dig deeper and deeper into myself until I finally reach the truth.

What I ultimately got out of my sessions with him was a better understanding of who I am, and what my drives me. It has been over 4 months since I have seen him, but rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear his voice talking to me, helping me become aware of what is really driving my feelings and actions, and allowing me to make rational, not emotional decisions.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Timo. They were incredibly intense, fun, productive and enlightening all at the same time! I have already recommended Timo to a good friend and he too raves to me about the amazing insights that he attained through their sessions together.

Thanks Timo!

— Syd Pel

Timo has been an invaluable part of my growth over the past few years. When I first met him my framework for viewing the world was rooted in victim consciousness. At times, he was the only person who could pull me out of the darkness in which I sat and opened me up to possibilities that I was blind to.

Timo helped me to step into a place of empowerment through healing pieces of my past, owning what I resisted and shifting my unconscious core beliefs. This helped to create new space in which I (on most days..) move through life with a feeling of non-resistance and peace that was unfamiliar to me before.

I still find my talks with Timo to be incredibly valuable in supporting my path. I am so grateful to him for being fully available to me as my coach and my friend. His assistance has been paramount to creating the breakthroughs that have offered me the freedom in which I move through the world today. Thank you ever so…

— Tamara Levitt

Without Timo’s coaching I don’t know where I’d be right now. Perhaps I’d still be in the same place I was before we met – unhappy, unfulfilled, anxious, depressed, in pain, angry, jealous, afraid. . . .

Timo helped me find peace within myself and happiness beyond measure on a daily basis regardless of what’s going on around me. He helped me find my truth, which has given me a healthy supply of confidence to live without questioning every choice and decision I make. He taught me how to break free from my own limiting beliefs.

Timo’s coaching helped me find freedom in a world that I used to think was bitter, malicious and unrelenting. Since I started working with him, life is better, business is better, the whole world is a better place. I sleep better at night and I live better while awake.

If you want to change your life for the better and live the life you’ve always dreamed of but thought wasn’t possible for you, please consider working with him. I trust you will find that you can achieve any goal or dream and relieve yourself of all your pain and struggle. You will not only be helping yourself, you will be helping your family, friends, and the world by learning how to live the life you were always meant to live.

— Guy Reichard

I recently worked with Timo to examine a number of areas in my life where things just were not the way I thought they should or could be. Timo did an excellent job of assisting me to reframe my perspective on a number of important and sensitive matters.

Timo has a unique way of showing how to be completely honest with yourself, and to be able to see your own role in contributing to the outcomes in your life.

Most importantly, after working with Timo, I am now equipped with multiple tools and thought processes that I can apply to situations that in the past would have been difficult for me to resolve or accept.

Now that my wife has worked with you too, we are both in a place where we can deal with each other and life’s situations in a positive and consistently constructive way.

We have not a major argument in months as we are dealing with any disagreements in more positive ways. This is how we were in the first few years of our relationship.

I can’t thank you enough because without your help, we would not have gotten there on our own.

— Dan Ireland

I cannot begin to express how grateful I feel to be consciously awake. To understand that I am love, that I have choices and I choose those choices, and to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I am truly free of the insecurity (fears) that drove me to build my business and to be wealthy, again due to fear. I am truly free of the fears of being someone other than who I really am; the fear of not being loved, for I love myself as I am.

We all thank you, not just me.

Giulio Accardi (and family)

— Giulio Accardi