Perspective Coaching

Perspective Coaching

What is it and how can it help you?

Perspective coaching is a one-on-one relationship that will assist you to illuminate the unconscious attitudes, assumptions and core beliefs that are preventing you from truly experiencing the life you want to live.

These conversations are not intended to deliver advice to you about what you should have done in your past nor about rubbing your nose in your results thus far.

The intention of this dialogue is self-discovery. To provide a safe place for you to tell yourself the truth, the real truth, discovering who you really are inside, not who you think you should have been.

Although I will provide you with new information, concepts and tools, I will act more as a guide than a teacher, asking you questions and helping you sort through the various thoughts, feelings and actions in your answers.

For example:

What are some of your current thoughts and beliefs about the world?

Where did you those beliefs originate and how have they shaped you?

Are they giving you the experience of life that you say you want?

What would you like to believe?

Although you can most likely answer some of these questions on your own, my gift is in keenly listening to your answers, paying particular attention to what’s being said underneath your answers, and to also identify what is not being said.

At times, I will challenge you to go a little deeper. For some, an element of therapy or healing might be involved, for others, a simple account or acknowledgement of the past is sufficient to release the grasp it might currently hold on you.

Once certain beliefs and patterns are identified and released, I will now assist you to shift these old paradigms into newer ways of thinking and being. With this new perspective, we will create new strategies to integrate into your life and focus on choices that match your new values.



My goal is always to help you help yourself.

Our sessions together are not timed and are usually between 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.

I also suggest reading assignments (and sometimes movies) for you to do in between our sessions to maximize our work together and more effectively integrate your learning.

Fees are on a per-session basis (not hourly) with discounted packages available for clients who commit to a group of sessions in advance. I also entertain a sliding scale for those who might qualify.

The first session is on me.


Time Frame

Although I do have many clients who choose to stay with me on a monthly or quarterly basis as a means of support and continued learning, I don’t subscribe to a philosophy that years and years of intense work are necessary to get you to the place you want to be.

Each person is unique and time frames for learning can vary with each individual. However, after coaching countless clients, certain trends have stayed true over the years.

We will be working together for roughly 4 months (between 10 and 12 sessions) following this guideline:

Weekly for the first 4 to 6 sessions (hopefully on the same day and time.)

Every 2nd week for the next 2 to 4 sessions

Every 3rd or 4th week thereafter.


Coaching Availability

Monday to Thursday, daytime or evening (when available)

Some Saturday’s (please call to discuss.)


Payment Options:

Cash, cheque or using your credit card (via PayPal)

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