Whatever happened to duct tape, patches and glue?

I remember a time when one of the most important rooms in our house was my Dad’s workshop. If an appliance or toy was broken then it was off to the basement to fix it so it could be used again.

It wasn’t just about saving money, things back then had a sentimental value that we wanted to hold onto as well.

Today, we live in a throw away society where it’s not only easier to replace things it’s actually cheaper and more practical to do so, and that sentimental value has diminished.

It’s not necessarily good or bad it’s just evolution. We tend to embrace the new more than the old now.

I wonder then why we haven’t evolved the same way with our thoughts?

We take our painful memories into that workshop we call our mind and try to fix them just like we used to do with our things.

We go over them again and again and patch them up with justifications and reasons without ever considering replacing them with new ones.

Maybe they have some sort of sentimental value too?

British novelist and poet C. S. Lewis once said: “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.”

Just like we have done with the physical objects in our lives, at some point we need to begin asking ourselves what continually trying to fix things in our mind is actually costing us.

Is holding on to the idea of what was or trying to repair in our minds what should have been actually helping us to move forward, or is it more practical and economical to begin throwing those broken thoughts away.

How is it possible to move forward and grab onto new happiness while still clinging to your old pain?
Brand new shiny thoughts and ideas are available to you at any time and all you have to do is decide to start shopping.

Books, movies, workshops, yoga, meditation, therapists and coaches are in abundance and yes some of them have a cost associated with them.

Only you can decide if it’s more cost effective for you in the long run to continue patching the existing thoughts and ideas in your mind or choose to leave that workshop and make an investment in some new ones.

What are your thoughts? (comments below)


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