Much of the wisdom I have acquired has come from my willingness and ability to sift through the less desirable parts of my past, to analyze what I chose, and why, so that I could find a nugget of truth that would propel me forward with greater conviction and understanding.

Taking this time to reflect has served me well over the years and has become a true asset. It has also provided me the opportunity to help countless others who too, have felt stuck or lost from moments in their checkered past.

So last month, when faced with a series of events that didn’t sit right with me, I went to the well once again to find the answers to some questions in my head that were troubling me.

And I got lost.

It seemed that the more I searched for that nugget of truth about what I felt had gone wrong in the past, the worse things got.

Rather than illuminating the wisdom I was so used to seeing, it reinforced that stuck feeling inside and predestined me to a future of experiencing much of the same.

When faced with turmoil and indecision, I think all of us tend to lean on our greatest gift, the asset that makes us special and unique.

Yet mine had seemingly turned on me and it wasn’t until I was reminded of a quote from Bengali philosopher Rabindranath Tagore, that I was able to turn my ship around.

He said: “A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.”

I could now see that my gift of introspection had slowly turned into a form of analysis paralysis, or as a friend of mine used to say, “stinking thinking”.

All I had been focusing on was the problem and that is what life continued to provide for me as a result, more problems.

It was time to move to a solution, a choice, a choice made without all of the knowledge I thought I needed to make it. It was time to listen to my heart as well, and not just my head.

So I made it and then a funny thing happened.

Much of the missing information that had previously eluded me has now become quite clear.

The wisdom I had been seeking to move forward in my life was on the other side of simply moving forward.

Each of us will face dilemmas in our lives that we can’t always make sense of, but it helps to remember that this life, and this universe, will provide the answers we seek, some in the form of introspection of where we’ve been and some in form of things yet to come.

It’s up to us to continue to move forward anyway, trusting in our hearts that those answers will be there for us, even when we can’t yet see them.

I think they call it faith.

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  1. Name says

    That is something we all have inside.. .. just at times I think we shy away from it.


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