Three different people happen to mention the same book or movie to you throughout your day.

You wake up recalling a song you haven’t heard in years and within an hour you hear it on the radio.

You’re thinking fondly about someone and all of a sudden the phone rings. It’s them.

If I asked you to recall one of these times in your life, most of you would be able to recall at least one instance within the last month, maybe even an example within the last week.

We share these incredible moments with each other all the time and our response is usually the same when they happen – what a coincidence.

But is that all they really are?

Some would suggest coincidences are merely a fluke, a chance moment without any connection or relevance whatsoever.

Yet, others would be quick to argue that synchronicity is occurring, signifying the interconnectedness of all things.

The origin of the word coincidence comes from the Latin root coincidere or coincide, meaning to occur at the same time.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but that definition would suggest that each viewpoint is correct. Both realities are indeed happening at the same time.

I wonder though, with these moments occuring so often in our lives, why we would choose to view them as just random occurrences without any sort of connection or meaning?

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson once wrote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us…”

What if these events were not so random at all? What if we were to discover that we are actually powerful enough to draw these circumstances and people into our lives, that things are not happening to us, rather we are making them happen.

Maybe our deepest fear would finally be revealed.

We would realize, in that moment, that we are no longer just created, but we are also the creator.

Life is either a random series of events that are happening to us or we are creating every moment of every day. We decide and either way, we get to be right.

The question I would pose is which perspective gives us a more rewarding and fulfilling experience of life? What is actually scarier, synchronicity or randomness?

Ironically, choosing to view life from the perspective of creator can actually be the scarier choice initially, because we are no longer able to play the role of victim.

No more excuses, no more back doors and no one to blame.

It’s no longer about them and what they do, it’s about ourselves and what we choose.

However, over time, that initial discomfort begins to change, and with it joy and excitement start to replace the fear and trepidation we once felt.

As our awareness increases, so do the coincidences.

Pretty soon we realize that in this chaotic and crazy world, there’s a trail of bread crumbs showing us a magical way of being and an incredible experience of life.

What are your thoughts? (comments below)


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  1. Annie says

    This happens more times than we care to admit.Been thinking or hoping for a person to contact you and the phone rings and there they are!! As I have stepped out from behind my safety screen ( being victim of circumstances) and taken control of my future I see on a daily basis that I truly am the creator of my moments in life and it is exciting and scary but oh so worth it!! thank you Timo for these great columns .


  2. Ann says

    Timo: this one gave me the goosebumps – such a perfect read for me as I have been journalling all my synchronicities recently. I love your perspective on this!! Thanks for sharing.


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