It’s All Good



Walk by a park these days and you will hear something that you never used to hear years ago. Silence. Listen to a group of parents talking to each other about their children and you will also hear something you never used to hear before. “These kids today just won’t go outside and play anymore.” […]



I met up with a good friend recently who is now retired and spends much of his time planting gardens and cultivating the beautiful property he is blessed to call home. He spends hours upon hours tilling new soil, adding seeds and digging up the weeds that prevent his flowers from growing to their full […]



Much of the wisdom I have acquired has come from my willingness and ability to sift through the less desirable parts of my past, to analyze what I chose, and why, so that I could find a nugget of truth that would propel me forward with greater conviction and understanding. Taking this time to reflect […]



I have assisted many people to find deeper meaning in their lives and grasp a better understanding of who they are and why they struggle, however, lately I have been faced with a paradox that has been quite perplexing and at times, even disturbing. It seems that this same gift, which at one time had […]



Along my chosen path to heal myself and assist others in doing the same, it seems I may have unwittingly given an impression to those around me that I am somehow on a path to perfection. This was made clear to me last week while having a conversation that turned a little ugly. I lost […]



I’m pretty sure my quest for happiness is over. Sure, I’ve been happy many times before and I will continue to enjoy the times when I am, but I have come to realize it is a very temporary thing. It comes and it goes and although I still welcome happy moments in my life, it […]


The Golden Rule

In the New Testament, it reads: “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” The Torah says: “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.” Buddha said: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” The golden rule as it […]



Most of us have a set budget for the food we consume each week and we try to find the right balance of good, nutritious food mixed with a few delicious treats. We understand that, although we wish we had an unlimited source of money to spend, most of us need to make smart choices […]



Much of the wisdom we acquire in our lives comes from our own mistakes, but every once in awhile we’re given an opportunity to uncover a piece of our own puzzle through the lens of another. This week, while waiting for a friend in a grocery store parking lot, I was given such a gift. […]



In my early childhood one of my favourite things to do was colouring. I would spend hours on end carefully tracing inside the lines with a firm hand and then lightly shading the areas in between. I can still remember with great joy the day my parents bought me a deluxe box of crayons, with […]