It’s All Good



I don’t know about you, but I am growing tired. I’m tired of all the hatred and violence I see, not only in the world but in our own backyard as well. Like many of us I hope and pray each day for a solution to the troubles that I see yet many times I […]



Whatever happened to duct tape, patches and glue? I remember a time when one of the most important rooms in our house was my Dad’s workshop. If an appliance or toy was broken then it was off to the basement to fix it so it could be used again. It wasn’t just about saving money, […]



Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. We’ve all experienced it, in fact you might be experiencing it right now, that incessant chatter in your mind as you weigh out the endless possibilities of what has transpired in your life, or what might happen next. […]



I think it’s fair to say that each of us has felt the deep pain and anguish of regret as we’ve pondered what I believe to be a very crippling question. “What would my life be like if only (insert regret here) hadn’t happened?” It seems we believe that the answer to this question is […]


Missing Information

Many of the people who come to see me are usually feeling stuck and unable to break free of a particular circumstance, pattern or result they have in their lives. Initially, many of them will tell me their story with the intent of getting me to not only agree with their perspective but also with […]



Many years ago I entered an elevator in a downtown office building and, as the door closed, I acknowledged the gentleman beside me who was catching up on the news on a screen that was situated above the door. “Good morning,” I said in a cheery voice, while noticing that his eyes never left the […]


Skipping Stones

There is a picture of me as a boy that I still have today, donning a jean jacket and skipping stones into the Pacific Ocean. It still makes me smile because I enjoy that activity as much today, maybe even more so, than I did as a child. There is something so gratifying about getting […]



While chairing a board meeting recently, I found myself eagerly anticipating one individual in particular to step up and address some of the questions and concerns that our board members had in order to ease some obvious tension. Yet with each question posed, she seemed woefully unprepared, even aloof, and rather than diminishing some of […]



I think as we age, most of us eventually begin to see that this universe we live in is peppered with paradox. What was once the right way to do things in our younger days can actually become the wrong way as we grow older. Competition is one of those things for me. Growing up, […]



A client of mine once asked me when I started coaching, and I facetiously replied, “When I was five.” For much of my life, even as a child, I was able to listen to the things people said and extract the deeper meaning beneath their words. This gift has helped me assist many to create […]