It’s All Good



Much of the wisdom we acquire in our lives comes from our own mistakes, but every once in awhile we’re given an opportunity to uncover a piece of our own puzzle through the lens of another. This week, while waiting for a friend in a grocery store parking lot, I was given such a gift. […]



In my early childhood one of my favourite things to do was colouring. I would spend hours on end carefully tracing inside the lines with a firm hand and then lightly shading the areas in between. I can still remember with great joy the day my parents bought me a deluxe box of crayons, with […]



It’s funny how something so simple as making a choice can be so daunting at times. Do you take this job or that one? Do you buy or rent? Should you marry or not? Many of us can get so caught up weighing out the potential repercussions in our heads that we can actually make […]



True wisdom is revealed in many layers and the masters of our world dispel their knowledge in much the same fashion. Early on in my spiritual development, I was privileged to meet such a person while attending a charity event in the spring of that year. Things were not going particularly well for me at […]



A few years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a great gift, although, like many of the precious gifts in our lives, it was at first cleverly disguised. I was sitting in my office and struggling with an issue that was consuming much of my time and energy. My friend walked in and, […]



I’m a fan of TED, an online nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas that are usually in the form of short, powerful talks, typically 18 minutes or less. Recently, while visiting their website, I watched a talk by Zak Ebrahim entitled: “I am the son of a terrorist. Here’s how I chose peace.” He spoke […]



I spent a little time this holiday season with my nieces and nephews and although I felt genuine happiness seeing them as fine young adults now, I couldn’t help but notice that I also felt a little sadness. As I reflected back on their adolescence, what I remember most was how many questions they used […]



Like so many of us, I had a number of things to cross off my list before Christmas arrived. Presents to buy, cards to write, menus to plan, not to mention all of the giftwrapping as well. And with all these things to do to get everything just right for the holidays, I find myself […]



Remember that feeling you had when you began a relationship with a new friend or that special someone? Your life at that point might have been all work and no play and you adored their sense of adventure or spontaneity, or maybe you were feeling a little scattered at that time and you admired their […]



Like many of us, I have always admired firefighters and the role they play in our society, rushing in to save the day when tragedy strikes. Last week, I not only admired them but felt like I had actually become one, running around from one fire to the next with that constant rush of adrenalin […]