It’s All Good



In my quest to be loved and accepted while growing up, I developed a habit that became quite difficult to break as I grew older. In my early years, when faced with a situation of disappointing someone I cared for, I found myself telling that person what I thought they wanted to hear, instead of […]



Golf is a game I’ve enjoyed for many years and, in some ways, it has been one of my greatest teachers in life. In the early stages of learning the game, my focus was on hitting the ball farther, and I would spend much of my time at the practice range, hitting driver after driver. […]



While driving home last week, I noticed something quite disturbing. As it was the final week of the provincial election, I was used to seeing the campaign signs of each candidate strategically placed on each corner of the main intersections along my drive. But on this day, something was different. There was only one set […]



Feelings. We all have them and some of them are really great such as joy, gratitude, peace and love. And then there are some that are not so great, such as anger, hate, resentment and jealousy. We do our best to hold onto our positive feelings, yet many times we can find ourselves trapped, sometimes […]



I’ve often had trouble understanding why we find ourselves in a state of war with each other so often in life. I’m not just speaking about nations against nations. We declare war on each other in business, in our neighbourhoods and schools, even with members of our own family. So many times we end up […]



For the last 20 years, I’ve tried to live with the conscious intention of not being a victim in my life. This past week, it felt like everything I had ever learned was tested as I watched my beloved Toronto Raptors fall to the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs. Having been […]



I’m often asked questions about forgiveness and how to let go of perceived wrongdoings in life. How can you simply forgive a word, act or deed that seems so unjust without some form of restitution? Maybe how we view the problem is sometimes the problem. Think about a past wrong that you’re holding onto right […]


Reel to Real

Have you ever walked out of a movie with a friend or loved one, and as they were raving about how much they loved it, you were wondering if you were we watching the same movie? It is interesting how two people who are such good friends can have such a completely different experience of […]



“There’s something happening here, but what it is, ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware.” In 1967, the band Buffalo Springfield released the lyrics to this song, For What It’s Worth, inviting us to wake up and see what’s going on in our world and […]



When conversations arise about ending war, hunger or poverty in our world, there are those who sometimes like to chime in saying “That’s’ impossible” or “Not in my lifetime.” It’s true that at this point in our evolution, the reality of world peace seems to be a far away place. Is that really a good […]